Mississippi Bound

This database only contains my research pertaining to families related to me. This is not the main database. I will make corrections as I receive new information and create updates. There are more references that reflected in this format, as the program cut off the number of notes per file. Documentation is very important to me, so when sending a correction, please note how you know that is true, for instance, it is your family, and you have a Bible record.
Albritton, Beard, Carlisle, Coney, Cooper, Deer, Ellzey, Fortenberry, Gardner, Hollis, Irwin, Jackson, Kaigler, Lowe, Marsalis, McGehee, Miles, Nance, Newsom, Parkman, Prescott, Quinn, Richardson, Sasser, Tyrone, Turner, Underwood, Van de Voorst, Walker, Williams, Willoughby, White, Fitz-Randolph
By Shannon Albritton-Gorman
Shannon Albritton-Gorman

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