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Born in Marion County

of former Marion County sheriff,
John Homer Willoughby

Former school teacher, real estate broker, Girl Scout leader, soccer coach....

Consultant Genealogist
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

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This is a digital repository for genealogy research pertaining to Marion County, Mississippi. There is no registration or fee required to use this website.

For the purposes of this website, Marion County is defined as the SE 1/4 of the current State of Mississippi.

Authors retain copywrite privileges for their work. If you find something you want to use, please contact the author for permission.

Anything I have compiled, edited or written is free to use for any "not for profit" purpose. For example, Colonial Funeral Home Records 1915-1918 was published by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, but I retained the copyrite. This work is being formatted for digital publication and will be available soon.


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200th Anniversary of War of 1812
- finding citizens of Marion County who participated in the War of 1812. Look on the Bureau of Land Management site. Search by State, and Surname. If you find MW if front of the document that describes the land patent, it means that a Military Warrant was used to give the land to the person.

Having trouble finding your ancestors prior to 1850?

Hints for Where to Find your Ancestors

Secrets of the U. S. Census Records

This is site is paid for by Shannon Gorman. It is maintained free of advertising by Shannon Gorman. There are no pop ups or advertising links. I do post reviews of resources that I have found helpful in completing research in Marion County.

One of these resources is Family Maps of Mississippi by Gregory Boyd.

If you are looking for early newspapers, check out the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, Mississippi. Here is a PDF file of the microfilm numbers for Marion County newspapers.

Photo taken October 1993 by Calvin Beale
There is a Historical Marker on the Marion County Courthouse lawn that reads,
"Temporary State Capital - The 5th Session of the Mississippi Legislature met in Columbia in Nov. 1821, and in special session, June 1822.  Walter Leake was inaugurated Governor here in January 1822; the legislature passed law for the education of the poor; approved Le Fleur's Bluff, now Jackson,
as the site for the permanent state capital; and adopted Poindexter's Code".
Students Citing Internet Sources for their Papers
The content and formatting of this website is under copyright by the people who contributed the content, and in many cases, by me, who researched, compiled and formatted much of the content. If you want to publish the information found on this website in any format you need to receive approval in writing before you publish. My main interest is in making sure you give credit to the people who contributed the information. Email me.
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